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What We Do

Mains’l offers supports to those who need it so they can live a life of their own choosing. Since 1989, we’ve been a leader in person-first solutions for people with varying abilities, as well as a partner with like-minded agencies through innovative financial management services.

We know that people flourish when their lives are filled with meaningful relationships and activities of their own choosing. That’s why we offer completely custom, person-centered services and serve as a navigator as you chart your own course.

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How Mains’l Puts the Wind in Your Sails

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Supports for People

Mains’l offers completely customized, person centered supports to help people live a fulfilling life of their choosing. We start with innovative person centered approaches to help you chart your course and identify which supports would be a good fit. You are in the captain’s chair — and we are your crew.

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Supports for Agencies

Our innovative customized services for agencies help people receive the supports they want and need. We are a nationally recognized, award-winning partner for agencies, offering Financial Management Services, Person Centered Thinking training and Health and Wellness Supports.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where people live with meaning and purpose.

Our Mission

Offering innovative supports to people, responding to their hopes and dreams.

Our Core Values

We believe in honesty and truthfulness.

We believe in serving others.

We believe all people are valuable and make meaningful contributions to society.

We believe in collaboration and partnerships.

We are committed to excellence.

Culture of Giving

We believe in putting the needs of others before our own. As one of our guiding principles, our culture is one of giving back – to the community, to our brothers and sisters around the world, and to organizations that our employees and those we support find valuable in their lives. A few of the organizations we support:

Culture of Giving
Culture of Giving
Culture of Giving
Culture of Giving
Culture of Giving
Culture of Giving

Global Leadership: Africa

As a part of our culture of giving, Mains'l partners with the Mother Africa Trust to support children at the Ethandweni Children’s home and Dete Old Age Home in Zimbabwe. Since 2011, employees experience the opportunity to serve there, gaining valuable leadership experience from a global perspective. Our hearts and souls have been blessed by the people in this beautiful country. As one employee recounted: “When people step out of their own selves and focus on others, the world becomes a fabulous place to live! I saw so much of that during this trip it took my breath away."

To learn more about our annual trip, visit our blog by clicking here.

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