Summer 2019 Newsletter | Sinclair’s Story

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In Sinclair’s own words:

Hello — my Name is Sinclair, I often go by Alex. Over the past couple of years, I have had many successes in my life and I have achieved many things and learned some good skills. Life has changed a lot recently. For instance, I’ve been going to Mains’l Innovations, which is like a school and I have learned so much since coming to it. I have gained many important life skills at the program and there are some I’m still trying to master. My favorite things that I’ve learned so far revolve around the job I have at the Mains’l Innovations Print Shop. I’ve learned how to print things, scan things, and how to collate things like training binders.

I can definitely say that life for me has been good for me and my progress with this program has been going well. My skills in communication with people have advanced although I am still working on it at times. I am also excited to say that I am going to Butte College and really have loved taking classes there. Some of those classes included workplace communications, reading and math. I’ve learned as much as I can in those classes and completed and accomplished getting through them.

In the words of the Mains’l crew that partner with him:

Since Sinclair has joined Mains’l Innovations in the fall of 2015, his support team has been impressed with his growth in confidence and communication. During one of his first team meetings, members of the team observed that Sinclair never spoke during his previous meetings, let alone lead his meetings and discuss his goals and objectives that he developed. Amazingly, he now speaks up for himself and is actively charting his own course in life. He has also completed three semesters at Butte College and engaged in Occupational Life Skills classes, all of which have provided Sinclair with additional drive to try even more new things.

He has been a dedicated Mains’l Print Shop apprentice for the last several years. Recently, the crew approached Sinclair with an opportunity to apply for a position with Far Northern Regional Center, thinking it would take additional encouragement. After all, just a few short months ago, the staff posed the familiar question to him — “So, do you think you might want to look for a job outside of Mains’l, using your skills?” The answer has always been, “no”.  After building his confidence, he finally responded, “Yes”, followed by a big smile. He was eager to complete a resume and turn it in on a deadline which he did that very afternoon.

Regardless of what the outcome may be with the FNRC scanner position, Sinclair states that he is now ready to try new things and experience a change in his life. He wants to stay open to whatever the future holds. He credits his mom in helping him be the person he is today, but Sinclair has made the biggest strides all on his own.

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