Participant Directed Job Opportunities


Jobs within our FMS program are considered participant directed.  This means that participants employ, hire and manage their own employees.  In Minnesota, Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) / CSG (Consumer Support Grant), and CFSS (Community First Services and Supports) are home and community-based services that help people of all ages, across all types of disabilities, maintain their independence and determine for themselves what mix of supports and services work best for them.

In these programs the person receiving the services or their designated representative is both the employer and the manager of the employees that work for them.  All employees that work in these programs are eligible to earn PTO and receive time and a half holiday pay for holidays worked (New Years Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day).

Mains’l supports CDCS, CSG and CFSS participants in finding support workers by allowing them to post here when they have a job opening. The Human Resources Department at Mains’l is not involved in these positions, so please contact the person listed within the description below if you are interested in working for them.



  • Part-time role mostly afternoons and evenings a first time a month
    • Job Requirements: Assist young man with disabilities with personal cares, meals, bike rides etc.
    • Qualifications: Must have a drivers license. Experience with children/adults with special needs a plus.
    • Compensation: Starting wage is $19.00/ hour.
    • Contact info to apply: Text/call 612-381-4595 or email


  • 4 different opportunities, see below, for 24-year-old female with mild intellectual disabilities and autism studying at the U.
    • Qualifications: No experience necessary
    • Compensation: $22.74 per hour
    • Frequency: 2-3 times per week
    • Contact info to apply: Text/call Lisa S at 847-254-6774 or email at
  1. Organizational coach – check in on progress/completion of school assignments/assessments
  2. Engagement, activities in community settings – Social skills
  3. Fitness/exercise in apartment building’s exercise room
  4. Housekeeping and training for bedroom/bathroom


  • Part-time role to support and assist an adult male with ADLS in his home.
    • Job Requirements: The role is to help the client with personal cares, driving to appointments or grocery store when needed.
    • Qualifications: No experience necessary. Must have a valid drivers license and pass a background check by the MN Department of health.
    • Compensation: Starting wage is $19.00/ hour. Hours run from 9:00 A.M. and ends at 7:00 P.M. Every other weekend.
    • Contact info to apply: Contact Marilyn at or call 218-838-0120.


  • Part-time role to help teach young man how to clean and organize.
    • Job Requirements: Cleaning and Laundry Helper Needed: Looking for someone to come to our home twice a week for two (2) to three (3) hours or once a week for four (4) to five (5) hours, each time, to help teach my son how to clean and organize.  This position entails teaching him through visual supports.  Duties include:  Folding and putting away laundry, cleaning bedroom,  changing and making his bed. Duties also include light dusting and floor cleaning. We prefer someone to work for two consistent days (days/times are flexible).
    • Qualifications: No experience necessary
    • Compensation: $18 per hour
    • Contact info to apply: If interested please contact Betsy at
  • Part-time role young adult male in his twenties practice cooking skills.
    • Job Requirements: This position would entail using pre-made directions from an OT and helping my son to follow them step-by-step to cook some of his favorite foods, followed by cleaning up after himself. In addition, he is in need of guidance to help him clean up his living space and exercise skills.
    • Qualifications: No experience necessary
    • Compensation: $18.00 per hour
    • Contact info to apply: Contact Betsy at if interested.



  • Part time role supporting an older woman who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with general housekeeping tasks.
    • Job Requirements:  This role is for a housekeeping job.  The individual will help organize, do laundry, run errands and keep a 1 bedroom apartment in order.  Must have a car to run occasional errands (shopping, taking to appointments).  Must speak English, not be allergic to cats and have some experience with housekeeping/cleaning tasks.
    • Qualifications: Some experience working with seniors and/or in the housekeeping field.  Must have a good sense of humor.
    • Compensation/Schedule: $20 per hour, 8-10 hours total per week, 2 visits per week.  Schedule negotiable
    • Contact info to apply:  I f you are interested, please email me at


  • Part-time role: supporting disabled former nurse in his 60s.
    • Job Requirements: housekeeping, light personal cares and gardening. Flexible schedule 8-10 hours a week. 4 hour shifts average
    • Qualifications: no cat allergies. CNA preferred but not required.
    • Compensation: $25 per hour
    • Contact info to apply: contact Dan at

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