Mains’l Performing Arts Program Honored By Local Government

The 7th Street Centre for Arts, a Mains’l creative performance center in Chico, Calif., was honored as a winner of the 2016 Chico Mayor’s Arts Awards. The award recognizes the center for continually contributing to the city’s vibrant arts community. It is presented annually during National Arts and Humanities month and was created for the local Arts Commission to recognize individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations for contributions to the art community.

The 7th Street Centre for Arts has been helping people with disabilities thrive through theater, choir, art, dance and videography for over eight years. Natalie Valencia, the program director, has been on the forefront of 7th Street’s transformational work. “The work ethic of theater transcends to everybody,” she said. “Performing gives you an opportunity to do, rather than be done for. It makes it their ownership of what they are doing.”

To learn more about the 7th Street Centre for Arts and other Mains’l program, please contact us.

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