Mains’l California Welcomes Experienced Support Staff Member Tracy Murray to Pantry Program

The Mains’l California team is thrilled to welcome Tracy Murray, who was hired to bolster and support the company’s growing The Pantry program. This signature initiative provides individuals with a wide variety of food to help educate and assist in living a healthy meaningful life.

A veteran of the services world, Tracy has worked with seniors for many years before choosing to bring her experience to Mains’l. She says this line of work makes her happy, as she gets to help people live independent lives. Tracy said that if she had a mission statement, it would not be her own. She would have to borrow one of mottos of The Girl Scout organization — to “leave things better than you found it.”

Tracy is a Chico, Calif. native who enjoys spending time with her dogs Wolf and D’Jango and gardening.

Welcome aboard, Tracy!

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