2022 Annual Award Winners

Lighthouse Leadership: This award recognizes a person-centered leader. This person demonstrates integrity at all times. They have influence; they motivate and inspire others. They have a positive spirit, strong people skills, and the ability to solve problems. They are self-disciplined, but are flexible. This person is committed to excellence, modeling to others, and is constant and unwavering in their commitment to the agency’s mission, vision and values.

  • Sabrina is someone who may not be the most visible leader in Mains’l, but she is one of the most impactful leaders. She supports several guys who are living their lives full of their hopes and dreams blooming into their reality. Her dedication and brilliant, yet quiet leadership has supported them into getting where they are today.
  • Kayla has provided excellent guidance in recruiting and onboarding team members. She goes above and beyond in supporting hiring managers to fill open positions. Her impressions and notes on candidates creating a trusting space on her impression
  • Trisha gives 100% of herself in all that she does. She is ever present, always approachable, and unwavering in her calmness. People know that Trisha is always going to listen and provide sound options and will work together with you to come to decisions as needed.

Admirals Achievement: This award is given to an employee who focuses on “figuring it out” In alignment with the Mains’l mission, vision, and values. They find ways to engage people in meaningful activities and relationships. They connect people to one another and to their communities. They are experts at listening and responding to what it is that makes life worth living for the people they serve and colleagues alike.

  • Quantella goes above and beyond continuously to ensure that the people she supports have a better quality of life. She is consistent in the supports she provides. She has a fun and energetic personality. She has helped the people she supports through some very tough times. Her focus is on those she supports and ensuring they are living the life they want to.
  • Vina goes above and beyond in any way she possibly can to assist in enriching the lives of the people we support. Vina always shows compassion while caring for the people we support, and for those she works with. Vina strives to show others the Mains’I core values by example and is always the first to admit when she has made a mistake. Vina always has open communications with all that she interacts with. Vina is dedicated to caring for those who need it, and supporting them to achieve their goals. Vina is a hard worker and is honest.

To the Max: This award focuses on customer service. Customer service is important no matter where you work – in finance, human resources, support services, technology, maintenance and, in support of persons receiving services.. This award is given to an employee who is committed to building and nurturing strong relationships with all our internal and external customers and stakeholders in alignment with Mains’l mission, vision, and values.

  • Chris is dedicated in making sure things run smoothly. Chris uses his expertise and knowledge in getting something done when help is needed. He is always there to support you with any concern. He not only fixes what needs to be fixed but also problem solves and offers great ideas to make sure people have what they need.
  • Sammie Wagner is there to help keep things together, when things get tough. She offers to help where she is needed. She is an expert in so many areas, above and beyond her day-to-day work. She is always willing to help and step in where needed, and she has a desire and willingness to always learn and grow.
  • Deanne is always hard working when it comes to administering benefits and 401k. Deanne is diligent in her work supporting employee questions, ensuring no errors, and making sure that deadlines are met. She is knowledgeable in the work she does and works to find the best answer every time. Employee and stakeholder feedback stand out in the support and ease in which Deanne has brought to our benefits enrollment process.
  • Shyanne has been an asset to Mains’I since the day she joined the team. She has taken this new role of Ca HR Staffing Coordinator and made it into a league of her own. Her passion for what she does and all of her hard-work show every day. Shyanne has transformed our onboarding process through exerting exactly what it means to be a part of Mains’I. I have witnessed her make the onboarding process fun for new staff, which makes people even more excited to start working at Mains’I. She is the perfect example of how we as Mains’I want to show up in the world.

Northern Star Award: This award focuses on a direct support professional (DSP) who has shown exceptional service by being a navigational guide, like the northern star, to the people they serve and who is committed to Mains’l’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. This award will be given to a DSP who receives nominations from two or more people to including someone they support, a family member, a stakeholder, and/or their colleagues

  • Kristen has helped improve the livelihood of the people supported at Coventry. She will go out of her way to make sure everyone’s needs are met and that they are truly enjoying their lives each and every day. Kristen genuinely pays attention to the people we serve and makes sure everyone has the chance to get out and do something they enjoy each month
  • Anna goes above and beyond each and everyday through being a dependable team member and who really enjoys engagement with the people we support in their goals being accomplished. Anna is a great at open and honest communication for what is needed, and really represents an authentic person centered approach for all
  • Rene goes above and beyond on every shift she works and every house she works. She ensures that the people we support know they are cared for and respected. She has shown how big of heart she has and how much she enjoys her job. She without hesitation jumps in on learning new things and different approaches. Rene works tirelessly to help cover shifts when they are unable to be covered. Rene is dependable and always willing to help.
  • Bud’s work ethic sets his work apart from others. He is timely, well organized, and he is truly devoted to the people that he supports. Bud builds relations with the people, their families, and their complete circle of support. Bud is a natural advocate for the people that we support and he continually goes above and beyond to provide the best support possible.
  • Dionna goes above and beyond. She is excellent at caring for the people we support. She is always punctual and on time, she rarely calls out and her reliability and ability to work hard does not go unnoticed. She comes into work with a positive attitude which helps everyone at the house feel more comfortable. She is always thinking of the next best thing we can do to better support the people at our house.

Commitment to Excellence: This award is given to an employee whose work habits and commitment are clearly above their peers. They are the people who inspire their colleagues, support those who require assistance, and whose character is without fault. They live the Mains’l Mission, Vision, and Values and offer the very best of themselves in their work so that all people they touch experience meaning and purpose

  • Paula does a lot for the PDS department and she is so on top of things. Her work is accurate, detailed and she always responds to requests in a timely manner. She has a positive attitude and is always kind to everyone even when running into technical difficulties. She also makes managers feel comfortable and welcome when asking for special requests or exceptions.
  • The Center On Me team is a small but efficient team creating something that will have a lasting impression on people’s lives. The team’s success is due to each team member’s dedication to the shared vision of what they are creating. Every team decision is centered on “what will be best for the people we serve?” The team brings their whole selves to work each day and trusts one another to do the same. They are continually in communication, frequently sharing successes, breakdowns and asking how they can support one another. The team’s camaraderie is nothing short of amazing; it is as if they have worked with each other for years, and the best part is they have never met face to face as the team operates out of California, Minnesota, and Paris, France.
  • From the moment Sarybell entered the College Plus Program her dedication and enthusiasm for those we support was evident. She was made PSC for the College Plus Program only seven months after she was hired. Her passion for supporting others in creating the life they want to live has only grown. Sarybell currently supports five students, assists her manager in the running of the program, and acts as a North Star for the rest of the team. She accepts every challenge with grace, and navigates times of crises with an era of calmness and composure. When staff are out Sarybell does not hesitate to step in cover so that no student has to go without support.


Esprit De Corps: This award recognizes a team whose work has demonstrated alignment with Mains’l Mission, Vision, and Values. This is group of dedicated and enthusiastic people who have worked collaboratively to enhance the lives of the people they support and colleagues alike; whose efforts have created synergy, so that the effectiveness of their work as a team exceeds their individual efforts. This year, we are recognizing two teams

  • The Centralites Cluster is a group of supportive and engaged team players. The entire team goes above and beyond to support each other by covering for vacations, sharing staff, sharing ideas, and helping one another to find resources. They listen and encourage one another. The team supports in other areas of the agency as well from volunteering for COVID vaccine clinics, recruiting, office cleanup, recognition planning, and more. The team is always looking out for others and supporting in any way possible.
  • Picnic Planning Committees: This group’s commitment to bringing joy and community to the Mains’l crew was hugely successful. People joined together in fellowship, food and fun for an afternoon, and smiles were seen all around. There was a selection of various activities people could partake, and each attendee was able to choose from a variety of gifts. It was an opportunity for people to gather, eat great food, and have playing games and winning prizes.
  • The Oak Meadow team is astounding. They very rarely call in and when they need to, they call on each other and cover all the shifts. They are team oriented and work together to deliver the best quality care to our supported people. They handle issues very well within the house and each other. Their ability to communicate with one another is amazing. They are kind and compassionate. They go above and beyond in helping each other to succeed while also making sure the people we support are achieving whatever it is they want to do.

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