Wisdom, Humor, Fun and Dessert!

What comes to mind when I think of Chuck is wisdom, humor, fun and dessert! He was always feeding us with shamrock shakes, princess tortes, and sending me pictures of his Tillamook ice cream. He was a father figure and a friend. He showed me how to be less serious and have fun at work. He taught me to be calm with people so they felt free to be themselves. Chuck and Terri showed me what a beautiful and healthy relationship looked like and to travel while you can and when you can.

Some of my favorite memories of Chuck were seeing his responses to the ridiculous things my kids did; Maria putting lipstick all over her face and Brynn grabbing and eating the lettuce out of a Jimmy John’s sandwich before she had teeth. His joyously laughing helped me see the humor in their shenanigans that I carry with me to this day as a response. When you can laugh or cry, better to laugh. I also loved when he printed out a picture of him holding my dog and put it on my office door. It was the little, silly things and thoughtful things that I miss the most.

I started working at Mains’l when I was 21 years old and knew him ½ of my life. He had a profound impact on shaping who I am today. I am forever grateful to have known him and spend so much time with him.

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