My memories of Chuck

I recall being a new employee at Mains’l working in Florida Services. I had traveled to Minnesota for training and onboarding activities. Upon meeting Chuck, I was drawn to his warm and inviting demeanor. He immediately identified as a available mentor for me. Someone whom I could call on as needed to draw from his experience and wisdom in areas of work where we had overlap. He was a wealth of intellect and wisdom. He readily made himself available to connect and collaborate, and greatly supported my personal development, directly impacting my ability in our work.

He was not only a warm supporter of people, but I also remember him for being a fun and humorous person. Chuck often had a fun fact, joke, or laugh to share with you. His laugh was a bit contagious. He also enjoyed music. I remember various times of him sharing playlist favorites of his while working together. He would often embrace the joy of the song while nodding his head! Whether music or some other commonality, he brought fun to relationships that strengthen them, and furthered your connection with him.

He truly cared for others, brought joy to the world, while also making it a better place. I miss him greatly.

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