My favorite things about Chuck

Not a story as much as my favorite things. Chuck embodied “all means all.” I experienced Chuck as one of those rare human beings who truly valued all people, exactly as they are and aren’t. I watched him interact with scholars and legislator in the same way he interacted with a young DSP at Mains’l. Because for Chuck, I believe there was truly little distinction between the two. Chuck was probably the most loving, Christ-like Christian I’ve ever been blessed to know.

Open. Chuck was always learning, teaching, and open to dialogue and discovery. He was one of the most humble and approachable people I’ve ever met, and certainly the smartest person I’ve ever described that way! Oddly, after a little time at Mains’l, one of my favorite things became the moments when I disagreed with Chuck. I always knew I’d learn a ton, whatever the outcome, and that it was safe to question anything. He engaged with people and with the world with such deep respect and curiosity—so rare, so valuable, and something I deeply admired.

There were 3 outcomes when we disagreed:
1) Most often, of course, I was just plain wrong. While he took no pleasure in being right, he was absolutely joyful any time he could ask questions that helped people learn, grow and tackle tough stuff.
2) Sometimes, he would turn on a dime and concede a debate or pivot a direction after a respectful and robust “rumble,” as Brene would say. Chuck listened incredibly deeply. I never experienced him as attached to his ideas, only to a good outcome.
3) The 3rd possible outcome was the most magic: landing in a new place or with a direction no one had seen to start, forgetting we were disagreeing because we were so deep in discovery.

I miss him. It’s daunting to even try to grasp the positive impact he’s had on Mains’l Crew members, and it’s only one of the many communities in which Chuck belonged and had a deep, lasting influence.

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