Chuck Connected

Most of my friends in Arizona are of a different political posture than Chuck and myself, and we all enjoy a good cigar. I am consistently teased by these guys about my views. Chuck and Terri stayed at my home in Arizona while I hosted a retreat for Mains’l staff just before the COVID pandemic hit. Many of my (politically extreme) cigar smoking friends came over one night to meet the Mains’l folks as well as have a cigar with Chuck and me. I watched with some trepidation as each of my politically opinionated friends engaged in conversations with Chuck, some of them intentionally “poking the bear” to uncover Chuck’s point of view. I was pleased when the conversations never became animated. However, a day or two after Chuck and Terri left, we had a meeting of the cigar smokers and everyone of them took a turn to tell me how much he enjoyed meeting Chuck and chatting with him. They continued to ask me about him as the pandemic lock down progressed: “when was he coming back?”, “had I talked with him lately?” “how was he doing?” When Chuck became ill their demands for progress reports increased in frequency. When I had to notify them that Chuck had passed, their sadness was palpable. As usual, Chuck’s love for people won them over, each and every one of them.

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