Thanks, Chuck!

My conversations with Chuck are now treasured memories. I can imagine the standing ovation he received, as he passed through the heavenly realms. He left so many nuggets to hold.

So missed

Chuck is one of the rare men that not only exude greatness, but also set an example with no words needed of a person who is safe and wholesome. He was a Beacon of joy to me and I always felt safe and re-energized after time spent with him.

Wisdom, Humor, Fun and Dessert!

What comes to mind when I think of Chuck is wisdom, humor, fun and dessert! He was always feeding us with shamrock shakes, princess tortes, and sending me pictures of his Tillamook ice cream.

My favorite things about Chuck

Not a story as much as my favorite things. Chuck embodied “all means all.” I experienced Chuck as one of those rare human beings who truly valued all people, exactly as they are and aren’t. I watched him interact with scholars and legislator in the same way he interacted with a young DSP at Mains’l.

Chuck’s Presence

I have only had the opportunity to be with Chuck on a few occasions while working for Mains’l, but with each interaction, he would greet me as though we were good friends from long ago.

My memories of Chuck

I recall being a new employee at Mains’l working in Florida Services. I had traveled to Minnesota for training and onboarding activities. Upon meeting Chuck, I was drawn to his warm and inviting demeanor.

The many outfits of Chuck

I’m not sure how it started but over the years several people would participate in dressing up cut-outs of jock on my office door in various outfits.

Architect Project

I was blessed to share my first trip to Africa on a team with Chuck. One of the projects we were working on was a visitor center at Matobo National Park. As we were meeting with the park staff the project was stalled …

The Goat Dilemma

Chuck and I had a banter about goats. He was trying to convince me that I needed a goat for my farm, and I was convinced that no way in heck would I have a goat.

Chuck Connected

Most of my friends in Arizona are of a different political posture than Chuck and myself, and we all enjoy a good cigar. I am consistently teased by these guys about my views. Chuck and Terri stayed at my home in Arizona while I hosted a retreat for Mains’l staff just before the COVID pandemic hit.

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