Are you an organization that supports people in reaching their hopes and dreams? We can help you build and implement Person Centered Thinking and Practices through training and consultation to help you identify what is important to each individual person you support and respond to their hopes and dreams.

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An Overview of Our Person Centered Supports


1. Laying the Foundation

This profound and fundamental training is guaranteed to provoke meaningful changes in the way you and your staff see the world.

Person Centered Thinking TrainingĀ®

This interactive training focuses on empowering people to have control over the life they desire and addresses issues of health and safety. The training is designed for employees at all levels and can be offered at our office or at a location of your choosing.

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2. Building the Competency

The core of our person centered supports, meant to help organizations support people in reaching their hopes and dreams.

Person Centered Plan Facilitation
"A Picture of a Life"

This intensive training focuses on mastering and applying Person Centered Thinking and planning tools to help people "paint a picture of their life." The core of this training involves a planning practicum with a real person, where you'll use person centered skills and illustration to help capture the picture of the life they want to live.

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Person Centered Outcomes Training

You'll leave this session with a strong understanding of how to develop meaningful outcomes for people of all abilities. You'll learn how to understand true person centered outcomes, how to organize the information, what the regulations say about them, and how they can impact the lives of those you support..

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Coaching Cohort

The Coaches Cohort is designed to support each other in keeping person-centered practices alive, both individually and as an organization, and develop skills as a PCT Coach. You can think of the Cohort as a support group, where coaches will learn together, and feel confident in taking action to continue implementing person centered practices throughout your organization.

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3. Honing the Skills

Ongoing supports that provide people and organizations move forward and live with meaning and purpose.

Ongoing Support and Consultation

The journey towards person centered practices doesn't end when the training is done. We're here to serve your organization on an ongoing basis with consultation, problem-solving and updates as rules, regulations and best practices evolve over time.

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"Thank you for helping my son identify and implement the changes he wanted and needed in his life."

- The Mother of a participant in Mains'l Person Centered Planning

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