Person Centered Thinking and Practices helps individuals and organizations shift their lenses toward identifying what is is important to each individual person. It's a transformative paradigm shift from the status quo that truly empowers organizations to respond to the hopes and dreams of the people they support.


Person Centered Planning

A Person Centered Plan is a process for planning for the life a person wants to live.

Working with the person and those closest to them, our planners support people in creating a description of the life they want to live and how they want to be supported.

Part of the planning process is to work together to figure out what actions are needed to realize that vision. We also offer Person Centered Thinking Training, which teaches the person-centered discovery skills that create the foundation for building Person Centered Plans that truly address what’s most important to the focus person, as well as Center On Me, our virtual person centered planning platform.

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Person Centered Training

Person centered training focuses on empowering people receiving supports to a life of independence and self-determination.

This two day interactive training allows you to use a variety of tools and skills to help discover what is important to an individual and what is important for an individual, helping them live a life of their own choosing, in the direction they desire. We are happy to schedule a training at your location.

Classes have a 15 person minimum/25 person maximum.

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"Thank you for helping my daughter identify and implement the change she wants in her life.”

- Mother of a participant in Mains'l Person Centered Planning

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