Participant Directed Job Opportunities – REVISED DRAFT


Jobs within our FMS program are considered participant directed.  This means that participants hire and manage their own employees.  In Minnesota, Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) / CSG (Consumer Support Grant), and CFSS (Community First Services and Supports) are home and community-based services that help people of all ages, across all types of disabilities, maintain their independence and determine for themselves what mix of supports and services work best for them.

In these programs the person receiving the services or their designated representative is both the employer and the manager of the employees that work for them.  All employees that work in these programs are eligible to earn PTO, are given two floating holidays per year (you designate two days that you work to be paid at time and a half) per employer, and receive time and a half holiday pay for holidays worked (New Years Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day).

Mains’l supports CDCS, CSG and CFSS participants in finding support workers by allowing them to post here when they have a job opening. The Human Resources Department at Mains’l is not involved in these positions, so please contact the person listed within the description below if you are interested in working for them.



  • Part-time role supporting a 19 year old man with autism.
    • Job Requirements: Enjoy your time at work hanging out with this fun young man.  Duties include helping him learn life skills and social skills. He loves going for walks at the mall.  This young man has anxiety and needs assistance with calming techniques. This position is approximately 10 hours per week with the potential to increase.
    • Qualifications: Experience working with autism is preferred.
    • Benefits: NEED
    • Compensation: NEED
    • Contact info to apply: Please send your resume to



  • Part-time role supporting a 15 year old male with down syndrome and autism.
    • Job Requirements: This young man loves videos, movies and hanging out. He needs assistance with all activities of daily living including adult incontinence garments. We are looking for a support staff to hang out and play with him for five (5) hours from 12pm-5pm or 1pm-6pm on either Saturday or Sunday, allowing us an opportunity to complete errands. We are flexible with scheduling.
    • Qualifications: NEED
    • Benefits: NEED
    • Compensation: $15.25 per hour
    • Contact info to apply: If you are interested please contact Lisa at 612-723-1821 or



  • Part-time role supporting a 35 year old male
    • Job Requirements: Seeking a part-time employee to work about 10-15 hours per week, mostly afternoons into the early evenings. The hours for this position are flexible and are dependent on healthcare appointments. Days of the week are also flexible, about 3-4 days per week and no weekends. This position will provide companionship, possibly taking him shopping or a to a movie, and other activities that will allow him interactions on a regular basis. He would like assistance in learning kitchen and cooking skills to broaden and improve his diet. This includes building skills in shopping for groceries, preparing meals, doing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen after meals. This person is a single male with chronic daily headaches and mood disorders. He suffers from depression and anxiety, but has never been overtly violent. Some of his likes, dislikes, and personality traits include the following: He loves the outdoors, including biking, hiking, and kayaking in the summer, and snowshoeing in the winter. He enjoys exercising at the gym anytime, but all of these activities are severely limited to how he is feeling and if he is well enough to do them. He is not a good communicator except in the rare instance that he’s both feeling well on the headache front and in an upswing on the mood front.
    • Qualifications: NEED
    • Benefits: NEED
    • Compensation: $15.25 and $16.25
    • Contact info to apply: If interested please contact Mike at 612-269-6845.


  • Part-time role to help teach young man how to clean and organize.
    • Job Requirements: Cleaning and Laundry Helper Needed: Looking for someone to come to our home twice a week for two (2) to three (3) hours or once a week for four (4) to five (5) hours, each time, to help teach my son how to clean and organize.  This position entails teaching him through visual supports.  Duties include:  Folding and putting away laundry, cleaning bedroom,  changing and making his bed. Duties also include light dusting and floor cleaning. We prefer someone to work for two consistent days (days/times are flexible).
    • Qualifications: NEED
    • Benefits: NEED
    • Compensation: NEED
    • Contact info to apply: If interested please contact Betsy at



  • Part-time role supporting some ADLs and community support needs.
    • Job Requirements: Ability to work independently Able to provide personal cares (showers and support with dressing) Able to accommodate supports with getting to swimming and personal training lessons Able to accommodate dinners after lessons on Tuesday and Thursdays Able to support outings in the community and maintain connections with friends Able to support the usage of a walker and wheelchair (for distances) Provide attention to clients’ needs, including companionship and engagement Criminal Background Clearance & Fingerprinting (through MAINS’L Services) Must have Reliable Transportation
    • Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent (required) 18-years of age and older (Required) Caregiving experience (Preferred, but not required) PCA certification/screened (though MAINS’L Services) CPR Certification (Required) CNA and current MN Registry (Preferred, but not required) Afternoon and evening shift (2 PM to 7 PM; Tuesday and Thursday) Day shift on Saturday, as needed & scheduled (12 PM to 4 PM) Verification of valid driver’s license and current auto insurance
    • Benefits: PTO for staff working 30+ hours week Mileage reimbursement Time and a half for worked holidays (2 holidays-to be discussed and determined)
    • Compensation: $15 – $16.50 an hour with the opportunity to complete additional DHS training for a pay increase After 90-days, potential increase in pay.
    • Contact info to apply: If interested, please send an email with an attached resume and communication will happen in 48 hours. Please apply directly through Email –



  • Part-time role young adult male in his twenties practice cooking skills.
    • Job Requirements: This position would entail using pre-made directions from an OT and helping my son to follow them step-by-step to cook some of his favorite foods, followed by cleaning up after himself. In addition, he is in need of guidance to help him clean up his living space and exercise skills.
    • Qualifications: NEED
    • Benefits: NEED
    • Compensation: NEED
    • Contact info to apply: Contact Betsy at if interested.