Coding His Own Future | Spencer's Story

Spencer is a local Chico resident who loves building code and working with computer programming. He has a dog named Kelsey who he loves to take on walks, and is a dedicated Butte College student. He has already earned a degree in programming and is currently working on an associate’s degree in computer networking.

Spencer was one of the very first people in Butte County to sign up for a Community Paid Internship, and he was the second individual to be offered/accept a permanent position after the completion of his Internship. When Glen Dilley, of Dilco Marketing, heard about the Paid Internship Program he expressed an interest in being connected with someone who could code his website, keeping the websites up to date, and who could work on various editing projects as the needed. Spencer expressed an interest in having a job where he could use his coding skills as a profession and accepted an interview opportunity with the preparation support of a Job Developer. After some initial moments of feeling shy and reserved (and a suggestion to leave the trusty orange sports hat in the car), Spencer showed that he had all the skills needed to do the job and soon thereafter began his Internship working at Dilco Marketing. He keeps their three websites updated and edits videos that are on the sites, as well as working with printer issues and other various tasks.

Spencer reminisces the times before this job, when he would “have to drive all the way to Princeton for work just to try and make enough to pay rent.” He was also working for I.H.S.S. at the time. Now, when asked about his favorite part of work, his whole face lights up and he beams, “I like working for Glen. He’s understandable and that’s nice. I like the pay and the hours are flexible to meet my college schedule, and sometimes I can even work from home.” When asked what this Internship has meant to Spencer, he reflects, “Trying to find a job was hard before because I didn’t have experience and I’m not very charismatic. I was at an Ice Cream place before and it was hard for me to be bubbly and really friendly.”

Watching Glen and Spencer work together, one can see that they get each other’s work ethic; the atmosphere is comfortable, focused, and genuine. Spencer and Dilco Marketing have found a professional match that really works well for both of them. Spencer would like to encourage others who may be considering Community Employment that “If you’re having trouble getting a job and you’re just lacking experience, participating in this program will help you prove to your employer that you DO have the skills to get hired. This Paid Internship Program helped break the ice with Glen and now I get to work on what I really enjoy doing.”

Spencer’s Internship ended in November and Glen Dilley, owner of Dilco Marketing offered Spencer a permanent position. Stating, “After initial inquiry as to finding someone to fit my needs, the Paid Internship Program did an excellent job about preselecting and finding someone that was a perfect match for my company. Spencer is everything that Mains’l implied he would be and is a reliable and enjoyable employee. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mains’l again; working with them has been a pleasant and rewarding experience.”

Even if, Spencer had rocked the orange hat during his interview, he would have secured the job, because he is a man willing to put in the hard work and dedication to secure a job that has been a true representation of a great fit for all. Congratulations to Spencer and Glen and keep up the amazing work.

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