Success Story

Our goal is to offer excellent customer service to people who are directing their own service. You’ll have a true partner in us, with one point of contact from our team, making the process as simple as possible. As your FMS provider, we handle everything from paying employees to setting up vendors to reviewing your program budget. User-friendly solutions simplify your role as an employer, giving you more time to live your life!

In California and Minnesota, people can choose Mains’l as their FMS provider.

We also contract with agencies in other states. Are you a provider? Click below to learn more.

FMS for Agencies Nationwide

Financial Management Services are designed to provide participant directed information and accounting services. An FMS provider helps participants and their families manage their budget, pays bills to vendors, and processes payroll for support workers that are hired. With our commitment to customer service, you can be confident we’ll serve you as a true partner.


My Story:

“There’s so much to consider and be aware of when caring for a family member with disabilities. Mains’l has lifted the burden of financial management from our shoulders. No more stress or worries about payrolls, withholdings, employer taxes, W-2’s, or any of the other complications of financial management. Now we can just concentrate on taking care of our daughter. Thanks Mains’l!

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