We help people live successfully in their homes and communities by offering innovative supports that promote a meaningful life. Our numerous offerings are person centered and customized — responding to the hopes and dreams of the people we support.

An Overview of Our Supports For People

Person-Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning

A Person Centered Plan is the guide for planning for the future they see for themselves. Working with individuals and those closest to them, our planners support people in “drawing” a picture of the life they want to live — and then work together to figure out how to best get there.

Participant Directed

Participant Directed Services/Financial Management Services for People

Participant Directed Services allow people flexibility and control over the resources that support their lives. Participants purchase the goods and services they need, and hire, schedule and train caregivers of their own choosing.


Financial Management Services for Agencies

If you are self-directing your own supports, Mains’l offers financial management services to help you pay the employees who support you. We also process any payments for the goods and services you purchase to help you live the way you have “self-directed.”


Supports at Home

Supports at Home

It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s your home. Mains’l can help. We listen to your goals and dreams, and partner with you to chart a course towards greater independence and control. Supports may focus on creating personally meaningful connections, based on skills, talents, gifts and/or interests, and personal support, such as self-care, communication, and health care.

Living & Learning

Supports for Life

Do you like to make decisions and to follow your dreams?  We offer opportunities to build your academic, social, living, work, health, and recreational skills.  Whether going to college, improving your computer skills , finding a roommate or a place to live, it’s your life your way.  Do you want to perform in a play,  join a cooking club, or work at a food pantry? Let’s explore together.

Positive Change Supports

Health and Wellness Supports

Our behavioral and mental health professionals can help you pursue positive habits and interactions with the world around you. We listen, offer guidance, and together we will develop a wellness plan that works for you.



My story: "A happy child means a happy family"

My family and I are so thankful for self-directed services. Our-5-year old son has autism and is non-verbal. Due to his communication and sensory needs, there have been many challenges. But because of the support we receive from Mains'l, we have been able to use resources through the Participant Directed Services program to support our son's needs. Mains'l has been amazing at responding to emails and phone calls right away and giving us guidance when we need extra help!  Our lives have been less stressful as we continue to create an environment at home that meets the needs of our special son. This has been a huge blessing to our son and our family.

- Emily and family

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