We’re an award-winning partner for agencies across the nation, offering innovative supports that help power the possibilities of the people they serve. From customized financial management services and software to trainings and through leadership, our team is eager to act as your sail and lead you in your desired direction.

An Overview of Our Supports for Agencies

Mains’l offers financial management services and state of the art “software as a service” to agencies serving people who are enrolled in their Veteran or Participant Directed (PDS) programs.

Person Centered Training is two days of interactive training for learning and practicing effective person-centered thinking skills, with a strong focus on how to discover and balance what is important to and what is important for a person.

Our behavioral and mental health professionals and nurses consult with agencies to help the people they support develop emotional, physical, and social wellness.

Financial Management Services

Financial Management Services

Our Financial Management Services team offers a variety of services and software options for agencies supporting people participating in self-directed programs. Services may include timesheet collection, payroll processing, filing, reporting and paying employer taxes, accounts payable, Medicaid and state agency billing and excellent customer service to both agencies and the people they support. Our level of involvement is determined by you and the option/s you choose, no matter how many participants are in your programs.

Person-Centered Training

Person Centered Training

Person Centered Thinking training is two days of interactive training for learning and practicing effective person centered thinking skills, focused on how to discover and balance what is important to and what is important for a person. The person centered approaches taught in the training respectfully addresses issues of health and safety, from a variety of perspectives, while empowering the people receiving services to maintain control and a sense of being listened to.  Learn more

Positive Change Supports

Health and Wellness Supports

Our Board Certified professional staff provide customized training and support in emotional, physical and social wellness, and behavioral and mental health.  We partner with you to design consultation services that address agency needs and promotes the well-being of employees and the people they support.

My story: "We have developed a true partnership"

The Mains’l system is transforming the way we deliver and track the services provided to individuals and their families. We understand that supporting a loved one in your own home with a disability can be challenging, and with the creation of this program, Springbrook can ease some of that stress by streamlining the record-keeping process. The whole Mains’l team has been beyond terrific to work with - from their attitude and enthusiasm to their knowledge and experience.  They delivered the project on time, always been responsive to our questions and have been able to develop a product that meets all of our needs. We have developed a true partnership.

- Jack Sienkiewicz, Director of IT at Springbrook NY Inc.

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