Do you like to make decisions and to follow your dreams? We offer opportunities to build your academic, social, living, work, health, and recreational skills. Whether going to college, improving your computer skills, finding a roommate or a place to live, it’s your life your way. Let’s explore together.






For 30 years, we've been supporting people like you in taking the helm of your life and steering it in the direction of their choosing. Rather than cookie-cutter services, we opt for fully-customized, creative supports that are as unique as each individual — specifically designed to reach their hopes and dreams.

A sampling of our creative supports for home and life:

Actresses of Seventh Street Centre for the Arts pose for a photo after performing "The King's Secret" in 2015. The performing arts center, which serves adults with developmental disabilities, was just honored by the city for its contributions to the arts in Chico. Contributed photo

7th Street Center for the Arts

Our award-winning performance centre helps people thrive through theatre, music, art, dance and videography. Our goal is to foster personal and creative growth, while building confidence.

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College Plus Essentials

College Plus supports those interested in pursuing a college degree or academic certificate. Our staff assists at home and in the community, to help strengthen social, residential and vocational skills.

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Innovations Center for Learning

Our Innovations Center for Learning provides opportunities to think creatively, make choices, and participate in meaningful life activities. A variety of tracks allow people to fulfill their personal goals.


Supports for Mental and Behavioral Health

Our behavioral and mental health professionals can help you pursue positive habits and interactions with the world around you. We listen, offer guidance, and together we will develop a wellness plan that works for you.

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Supports in Your Home and Community

We put you in the captain's seat of your life — and we are you crew. Whether you desire help with grocery shopping, need respite or some assistance getting around your community, we can support you in reaching your hopes and dreams.

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Housing With Support Opportunities

We have several homes around Minnesota that offer great amenities and are supported by upbeat, positive staff members who have each been trained in person-centered thinking. Click below for the latest openings.

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Success Story: Sinclair Uncovers New Passions and Vocation

My Name is Sinclair, and over the past couple of years, I have had many successes in my life and I have achieved many things and learned some good skills. For instance, I’ve been going to Mains'l Innovations, which is like a school and I have learned so much since coming to it. I have gained many important life skills at the program and there are some I'm still trying to master. My favorite things that I’ve learned so far revolve around the job I have at the Mains'l Innovations Print Shop. I’ve learned how to print things, scan things, and how to collate things like training binders.

I can definitely say that life for me has been good for me and my progress with this program has been going well. I am also excited to say that I am going to Butte College and really have loved taking classes there. Some of those classes included workplace communications, reading and math. I’ve learned as much as I can in those classes and completed and accomplished getting through them.

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