Services Listing/Electronic Brochures

Mains’l offers a variety of Home and Community Based Services.  We also offer Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services.

(Brochures coming soon!)

Supports for People

Supports for Life

7th Street Centre for the Arts (CA)

Innovations Day Centre (CA)

Employment Endeavors Program (CA)

College Plus Essentials

Independent Living Skills

Semi-Independent Living Services

Transportation Training (CA)


Supports for Home

Community Residential Supports

Supported Living Services for Adults and Children

Daily Supported Living Services

In Home Family Support

Personal Supports

Respite Care


Participant Directed and Financial Management Services

Consumer Directed Community Supports

Participant Directed Supports

Financial Management Services

Fiscal Supports

Fiscal/Employer Agent

Agency with Choice

Fiscal Conduit

Fiscal Intermediary

Self Directed Supports


Health and Wellness Supports

Behavior Health Services

Mental Health Services

Nursing Services

Person Centered Planning


Supports to Agencies

Fianancial Management Services

Person Centered Training

Health and Wellness Supports