30th Anniversary

This year, we're proud to celebrate three decades of serving people of all abilities, responding to their hopes and dreams. We hope you will join us in commemorating this exciting time in our community and learn more about the vision that was born in 1989 and lives on to this day.

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Join in our anniversary festivities!

Here's how you can get involved in this exciting milestone year for Mains'l.


Join us for our 30th Anniversary Picnic at at Centennial Park in Brooklyn Center on Saturday, September 7th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Learn more about our history and the story behind our founding with the timeline below.

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The History of Mains'l - A Guided Tour

We're proud of our company's history and the powerful vision that was behind its formation. Learn more about how we came to be through this timeline. 

  • 1973

    The impetus behind our vision

    After visiting a large institution, our founder Terri Williams vowed to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

  • 1981

    Terri's journey begins

    Terri Williams becomes an employee for Residential Alternatives, Inc., which later developed into Mains’l Services.

  • 1984

    The beginning of waivered services

    Waivered services are authorized by the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services to provide home- and community-based services in Minnesota, shifting from institutional care. 

  • December 1984

    The predecessor of Mains'l is formed

    Independent Alternatives (later to become Mains’l Services) receives its Home and Community Based Services contract, supporting people in their family home.

  • March 1985

    The beginning of Supported Living Services

    Independent Alternatives opens up its first Supported Living Services home.

  • April 1989

    Mains'l is officially formed

    Mains’l Services is formally incorporated.

  • January 1990

    PCA services begin at Mains'l

    The company begins offering Personal Care Assistant services.

  • July 1997

    Respite services begin at Mains'l

    Mains’l begins offering Respite Services.

  • November 1997

    First accreditation

    Mains’l receives its first Accredited with Distinction by The Council on Quality and Leadership.

  • January 1999

    Chuck comes aboard

    Chuck Jakway, our director of operations and husband of founder Terri Williams, joins the Mains'l crew. 

  • August 1999

    Mains'l enters the financial management space

    Mains’l becomes a Fiscal Support Entity for people who self-direct their own services (Consumer Directed Community Supports and Consumer Support Grant programs.)

  • December 1999

    The company continues to grow

    By this point, only ten years after being founded, Mains'l supports 265 people and has 419 members of its crew.

  • July 2000

    Mains'l launches in Florida

    Mains'l begins supports people in behavioral and support living services in Florida, a support offered all the way until April 2008. 

  • July 2007

    The first Florida FMS contract

    Mains’l was awarded its first contract for Financial Management Services (FMS) with an agency in Florida.

  • June 2008

    Mains'l expands to California

    The company begins offering services in California’s Far Northern Regional area.

  • December 2009

    Two decades of growth

    By this point in the company's history, two decades after its founding, it supports 540 people and has over 900 crew members.

  • April 2011

    The Mains'l Africa mission trips begin

    Mains’l embarks on its first Africa mission trip in Zimbabwe, a yearly tradition of service continuing to this very day. In these trips, we partner with The Mother Africa Trust and H20 For Life. Read the blog for our 2019 Africa Mission trip team here.

  • October 2011

    An FMS win in California

    Mains’l was awarded its first contract for FMS for people who self-direct in California.

  • June 2013

    Mains'l expands to Alaska

    Mains’l begins offering residential and behavioral services in Alaska, which continues through June 2016.

  • April 2015

    FMS contract begins in New York

    Mains’l was awarded its first contract for FMS services and software to an agency in New York.

  • May 2015

    Mains'l realigns itself as a person centered organization

    The company begins a redesign of its systems, policies, procedures and practices, aligning all aspects of operations in person-centered practices and approaches, with assistance from the Department of Human Services, Support Development Associates, and the Institute on Community Integration.

  • March 2017

    The company rebrands as The Business of Hopes and Dreams

    Mains'l launches a new rebranding effort and marketing plan called The Business of Hopes and Dreams, leveraging its proud history of supporting people in reaching their own hopes and dreams. 

  • November 2018

    A contract with Minnesota Dept. of Human Services

    Mains’l enrolls with Minnesota Department of Human Services to be a Financial Management Services entity for people in self-directed programs (previously referred to as Fiscal Support Entity.)

  • Today

    Where we're at today, after 30 years of service

    As of April 2019, three decades from our founding:

    • We support 1,658 people and employ 1,085 in Minnesota and California.
    • We offer Financial Management Services to agencies in New York, Florida, and Kentucky to 4,528 people who self-direct their services.
    • We offer a wide array of supports and services in Minnesota and California to people as they live a life of their choosing.
    • We provide consultation, training, and financial management services and software to agencies across the nation.